Happy 10,000 Views-iversary!!

Today was no ordinary Monday. Yes there was the usual zombie walk across the room to turn off the alarm clock that was drilling its  alert into my barely awake let alone functioning skull, the Monday morning traffic, the realisation that its five full days before the weekend (and still over three weeks til payday) and the impending work load.

However, today was the day I logged into my blog to realise I had hit 10,000 view (10,050 to be exact and that sounds even more awesome so hey lets be exact). This was utterly inconcievable when I started writing it. I honestly am a little unsure wether to be completely delighted or a little bit scared that so many people have ventured on here!

Thank you to everyone who has viewed, laughed, encouraged, kicked me up the arse and supported. Here is to the next milestone – you know that you are never going to shut me up now right?


2 thoughts on “Happy 10,000 Views-iversary!!

  1. Delighted to hear we’ll not shut you up as I love reading your words of wisdom, no one phrases things quite like you – thank god for that!
    Please keep it up!

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