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11 Things To Consider When Clipping A Horse’s Legs

1.Ask Yourself is it Safe

Not all horses are easy to clip so before attempting to clip the legs, firstly see if the horse is safe and well-mannered to have his body and face clipped and to manoeuvre and control when doing so. Clipping the legs will entail having yourself in close to and underneath the horse’s feet and legs so it is important to ensure that you are safe to do so. If the horse is prone to kicking out, it is not advisable to attempt to clip the legs due to the risk of injury to horse and to the person clipping.

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The Best Thing I Never Said

“You see what it is, I see what it was”

I was having a whinge about the horse not going well one day. My coach said this to me and I thought it was a very eloquent way of reminding me of how far I had come when I was lamenting how far I had still to go.  


“Ride them forwards”

 A wise man always says this to me. I have since heard it from other wise people. Sometimes the simplest things are the most important to get right.

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