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Things I Learned Last Week

– Never underestimate the terror a small pig who is innocently minding his own business can strike into a horse fifty times its size and on the other side of a fence#

 – Never try to catch a horse when you are in a hurry. They know, they always bloody know

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Grand Day for a Spot of Side Jockeying!

Ah I love my dad. He is a legend with his own distinctive way with words. He has in the past coined phrases such as ‘eyes like two p*ss holes in the snow’ (used to describe a pale person with small dark eyes) and ‘ah jaysus the Longford black’ (used to describe someone who has died their naturally lighter hair quite dark or black. This was shouted at me for several years of my adolescence.). Dad was also at one point nicknamed ‘whatchamaycallit’ due to his fondness for the word.

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Vote for Lorna – A Shameless Plee!

Vote for lorna

So some of you may have noticed the new shiny red badge on my blog. Thanks to you lovely people I’ve managed to make it onto the long list for five (yep five!) categories between this blog and my not so equestrian alter ego (adventuresoflittlel).

I have also been nominated in the ‘Blog Post of the Year’ category which unlike the other five is not decided upon just by judges and will be hugely influenced by a public vote with the nominees with the lowest number of votes being deleted five at a time weekly! I’ve been nomninated for these posts:

– Farewell My Friend ( which is about the sad passing of a little horse with the biggest heart who was one of my cloest friends

– From Clueless to Competing, My Side Saddle adventure so far ( which documented my journey from bounding about at a have a go day to strutting around a show ring.


– Why Golfers Don’t Understand equestrianism ( which is my explanation to those of you with non living sports equipment that no I don’t ‘just sit on the horse’.

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A Ladies Guide to Preparing to Ride Side Saddle

ter 786

I was asked earlier today by a rider if there were any exercises she could to prepare for riding in a side saddle lesson. Having only recently converted to the sideways side I thought it was only fair to share my experience and what I learned in those valuable first few weeks.

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Oops….I Did It Again

The Holy Trinity of Equestrian Shopping

The Holy Trinity of Equestrian Shopping


I went to the RDS Dublin Horse Show last week which can only mean one thing, well two things. 1. Cups of strawberries covered in chocolate (which ends up with me covered in chocolate) and 2. Shopping. Last week in an attempt to control myself I set myself a very specific short list of things I am permitted to purchase. The list included calmers that I have run out of (for the horse not me) and a new pair of jodhpur boots because my own ones have been worn to the point of almost falling apart.

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What Women Want – Treat Her Like a Horse!


It really only dawned on me the other day. I’d been told the horse had been shod and had just nodded my head in acknowledgemnt that it had to be paid for (for the sake of not giving the non-horsey readers a heart attack I won’t say how much horse shoes cost but lets just say if you paid this much for your own shoes and had to throw them away after 6-8 weeks of wear – you would be p*ssed). Yet here I was in Penneys almost doing cartwheels at finding a pair of flats for €9 that would stay within budget and might make me look like an expensive lady for all of five minutes. If the horses loses a shoe – it is replaced and paid for no questions asked. If I lose a shoe – well actually thanks to the government practically taxing breathing the tragedy is I can no longer afford to go out and get drunk enough to lose a shoe anywhere. It has dawned on me – if this was Downton Abbey the horse would be the lady of the manor and I would be the upper class British equivalent of Cinderella.

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