Monthly Archives: April 2016

We Can’t Do This Anymore



I have a photo at home of me on a horse. I was about sixteen and I was riding the big kind mare who I never owned but who the thought of spending time with twice a week got me through the stress of my leaving cert year. I am sat on her back without a saddle cantering around the sand arena with my arms outstretched and a smile on my face. It was pure trust and pure freedom but we can’t do that anymore.

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Psychological Reality of a Showjumping Lesson


Oh no, poles, not the poles!


Relax for god’s sake, they are poles what’s the worst that can happen?


Kill me now, I can’t even get over  pole with a bit of grace and elegance.


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George Russell XC Clinic


As things have been a bit hectic recently I’ve been behind in documenting my latest adventures! Back in early Spring I headed over to local yard Redhills Stud for a cross country clinic with eventer George Russell. Prior to the clinic I had been XC schooling and knew that skinnies and technical fences were an area I needed to work on so my friend Dani recommended this to me as an ideal way to learn more.

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