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VHS We Watched & Loved in the 80’s






Legend had fairies, it had Tim Curry, it had Tom Cruise before he got his teeth fixed and most importantly it had unicorns! I remember getting all emotional the first time I watched it because the evil demon was being cruel to the unicorns (some of these 80’s films were a lot darker than the fluffy Disney and pixar stuff you have today).

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Things That Always Fascinated Me About The Saddle Club Books




Crazy Lady Mrs Reg

This old lady seemed to live out her days waiting for students to wander into the tack room. She was especially attracted to those wrestling with their conscience, going through an emotional time or struggling to make a decision. Rather than just getting to the point or giving advice she always had a long drawn out vague fable that was someone how meant to point them in the right direction. Get to the frickin point Mrs R.

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Flashback Friday – My Little Pony The Movie



As pathetic as it sounds, one of my prized possessions is my collection of retro 80’s VHS tapes. One of the best has got to be My Little Pony the movie. I still have the first ever pony I got. My mum brought her home from me when she came home from work one day. Her name was Posy and she was yellow and pink and awesome.

There is a synopsis below for anyone who doesn’t remember the movie as well as I do.


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10 Horses We All Wanted To Own In The 80’s & 90’s


Milton mini book - Hosre & Pony Magazine 1992. Photo by Lorna Keogh

Milton mini book – Horse & Pony Magazine 1992. Photo by Lorna Keogh


If you read Horse & Pony magazine as a child you could not avoid being under the spell of British show jumping legend Milton aka Everest Milton., Milton, owned by the Bradley family and competed by John Whitaker, wowed the crowds in a career that spanned twelve years. The grey horse that could had a huge personality that won him an army of fans who stuck posters all over their walls, collected memorabilia and cheered him on over every fence.

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