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Quick Knot – or not?

FullSizeRender (4)

Aidan Campion’s stunning mare Hannah K prepared using Quick Knot as well as supreme and Haas products. 

A few months back a company contacted me by email to ask if I would write about their product. I told them the same thing I would tell any company in the same position – if you want to send on a product I will happily give a full and honest review but my opinion is not for sale and I cannot guarantee a positive review. The company were happy with this and sent on a product for me to try out. In turned out the product was Quick Knot – a product I had seen videos about online and was keen to buy and try anyway. In addition to not selling my opinion I also don’t believe in giving anything a half assed trial so this product has been tested on five different horses in the last four months. The results are below.

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Common Clipping Problems & Solutions

clip line

How to clip lines

Problem: I’ve washed a horse to clip him but it isn’t dry!

Solution: Hair dryer! If despite a good cooler / sweat rug your horse is still damp, plug in your hair dryer and finish the job. If they don’t mind being clipped they rarely mind this as the noise is similar and most quite enjoy the warm air on their skin! Also, if you are washing a thick coated horse adding some methylated spirits to the rinsing water will help to evaporate the water from the coat quicker.

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Making a Show of Yourself Part 2 – Tack & Turnout


Riding Horse Turnout permits a coloured browband for horses. 

Rider Turnout

Aim to look professional, tidy and workmanlike.

Footwear – Adults long leather boots. (leather short boots and gaiters may be permitted, check rules of class). Adults cannot show in short boots only. Children under 12, short boots with jod clips. Children over 12, as per adults. Have your groom wipe your boots before you go in!

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5 Mistakes You Might Be Making When Washing Your Horse


  1. Using cold water

You wouldn’t wash your own hair in cold water! Using warm water will allow your shampoos and products to lather much better. It also feels more pleasant for the horse. Mix your shampoo into warm water in a bucket and lather up and apply with a sponge or soft cloth

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Are Haas a must have?


Confession time – I am a grooming product junkie and I have grooming OCD. If I brush my own hair once a day it is a miracle but if a horse has one plait skew ways I start twitching. I get excited by new sprays and lotions and potions. I have a special love for old style wood and bristle brushes. While spending €50 – 70 on some grooming brushes might seem madness to some, well that’s how I feel about others spending it on heels or Jaeger bombs. I believe in the French concept of cost per use / wear and try to embrace that when buying quality products.

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First World Equestrian Problems


I want a pair of new shoes but I spent all my money on ones for my horse.

The horse now has three shoes, one bare hoof and a smug expression.

I can’t get a fly veil in the right shade to match my saddle pad.

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Magic Brush Is ….Kind Of Magic!

Magic Brush Pack of Three

Magic Brush Pack of Three

I found ‘Magic Brush’ in TRI Equestrian a while back while browsing. It was very like a brush that one of my friends is always raving about for getting hair out of saddle cloths. While I knew it wasn’t the exact same thing, I had a few saddle cloths and items at home in the ‘de-hair or get rid of’ pile so I decided to buy it in the off chance it could save them. To be honest this just serves to illustrate why I am rarely left unsupervised in any shop as I tend to be a danger to my bank balance.

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Things Equestrian People Can Never Have Enough Of


Good socks are the backbone of comfort when riding and working in a yard. There are few things as tragic as when one of your favourite pairs lose their elasticity and instead of standing up tall and proud, lie slumped against your ankle like a drunk against a bar. Socks are also often lost to the black hole of odd sock leaving a mysterious bag of single odd socks so a replenishment of new pairs is regularly needed.

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A Close Shave – ErgroPro by Clippers Ireland Review

The ErgoPro packaged with all its accessories

The ErgoPro packaged with all its accessories

I will start by explaining that my opinion can never be bought therefore this review is a genuine review of a product, I have no connection to the company. I was actually looking for a price on a set of fine clipper blades when I came across an add for a clippers at less than €140 from a company called Clippers Ireland . To me this was like finding really nice bridle for €30, you would have to find out more. Clipping machines are like crack to me for some reason but I tell myself there are far worse addictions in life. After asking several friends about Clippers Ireland it turned out no one knew much about them and everyone was a bit fascinated by the price. So I decided to visit their website ( and give them a call to find out more.

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5 Clipping Preparation Tips to help get a Great Looking Result


Fresh clipped Trendy Dancer showing off her clean shiny coat.   (*please note the pony is standing on a black hose in the pic not the black electrical cable! ;) )

Fresh clipped Trendy Dancer showing off her clean shiny coat.
(*please note the pony is standing on a black hose in the pic not the black electrical cable! 😉 )

If you are going to wash, really wash.

 If you will be washing your horse before clipping, it is a good idea to make sure you get as much scruff out of the coat as you can. Firstly, use warm water rather than cold if possible. As well as feeling nicer to the horse, warm water will help shampoos to lather up better and as a result will remove more scruff and grease from the coat. To really clean a coat, mix warm water with a cleansing shampoo (fairy liquid, wahl dirty beastie are both effective as is hibiscrub which is not a shampoo as such but will really clean a coat) and a capful of Dettol. Lather into the coat and rinse thoroughly. To help dry your horse faster after washing, mix some methylated spirits into the rinsing water, it will help evaporate the water from the coat faster.

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