Things They Never Tell You in Stable Management Books – Part 2

Only an idiot wears uncovered white jodhpurs more than fives minutes before you have to get up on a horse Expensive shiny black hoof polish does not come out of white jods. Been there, done that, have the cleaning products to prove it. Give up it’s not going to happen. Ditto for bog mud

Things They Don’t Tell You in Stable Management Books – Part 1

  -The quickest way to get a horse to roll is to wash him -There is no easy way to wash a horse’s mane without ending up with more water and shampoo on yourself than on the horse

Dressage Sheet Comments Deciphered

  “Nice Entrance” – Don’t get cocky we are only one movement in   “Wobbled on centre line” – horse wandered from A to C like a drunk trying to walk a straight line   “Could show more inside bend” –  Horse should be looking where it is going not gawking out of the arenaContinue reading “Dressage Sheet Comments Deciphered”