Cleaning out an equestrian jeep.

I cleaned out my jeep last weekend. 😱 Yes you heard that correctly and no I haven’t gone insane. I had to fit two humans, a dog and enough stuff for 3 days into it so it was inevitable. 👱‍♂️👱‍♀️🐶 If you haven’t cleaned your horsey vehicle out for a while I’d highly recommend itContinue reading “Cleaning out an equestrian jeep.”

Equestrian Clothing Manufacturers – We need to talk!

Equestrian clothing manufacturers – we need to talk! I have questions… I’m all for innovation in product but there’s also a need to know your market. Lately I’ve seen a wealth of new items in stores that I can only describe as a climate mismatch. My current favourite is the riding leggings with knee ventilationContinue reading “Equestrian Clothing Manufacturers – We need to talk!”