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A Little Adventure To Lullymore

The big lady bounding up and over the bank. Photo by Jandy Lo

The big lady bounding up and over the bank. Photo by Jandy Lo

When a new facility opens up practically on your doorstep I figure it would be madness not to call over for a visit. So, with that in mind, we set off last week for an adventure to the newly opened Lullymore Equestrian Centre where the main attraction was the large all weather outdoor cross country arena which looked on Facebook like a rather awesome equestrian playground.

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Things Only Equestrian Women Will Understand

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How make up is never really ‘stay all day’ or ‘budge proof’ unless it doesn’t rub off your forehead after wearing a hat and can withstand twelve hours of mud, wind and lashing rain. Extra marks if it stays on after you get a branch to the face on a hunt.

Having no sympathy for someone who broke a nail or got a paper cut. Sure that’s nothing compared to landing head first into a pole or ditch or being lifted off the ground by an animal several times your size. Suck it up.

Being reasonably sober after many generous slugs of god knows what from several hip flasks yet absolutely hammered after one bottle of beer.

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Old School Versus New School Horsemanship

Old School Horsemanship

If horse is too fat…… feed it less

If horse is too skinny ………….. feed it more

If horse looks good………. feed it the same

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Things No Horse Owner Has Said, Ever

“Ah sure one horse is more than enough for me”

“I was too busy cleaning the house to go up to the horse”

“Why would I need more than one habit I can only wear one at a time anyway”

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