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Equestrian Fail – When Things Go wrong

We have all been there….those days where you consider taking up an indoor hobby that only involves inanimate objects…..


This was me, not one of my finest moments. Miraculously we didn’t part company as the horse was a gent and lifted his head up and waited for me to cop myself on.

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How To Mark Out And Complete An Even Blanket Clip


step finish

If like me you are not blessed with a natural straight eye for things, trying to clip lines on blanket or trace clips can be a nightmare. My natural inability for straight lines is genetic. I blame my mother who left me at one point with a two inch fringe that made me look demented because every time she trimmed it she would declare it was crooked and take a bit more off to straighten it.

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Things Non Horse People Say

Equestrian Reaity

“What’s the difference between a horse and a pony”

I’m serious, two colleagues in my office job conference called me one day to ask me to answer this in order to settle an argument between them. Turns out they were both wrong, go figure.

 “Aren’t they dangerous?”

I’m dangerous

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