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Things Side Saddle Riders Are Too Used To Being Asked

me n dan

1. “Do you wear anything underneath your skirt?”

No darling, I am all wool habit and no knickers


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10 Things Riders With An Electric Arse Are Tired Of Hearing

  1. “Stop overriding”

I’m not?

  1. “You are riding on”

Honestly I am really not, this just kind of happens.

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Why Learning Dressage Now is Like Playing Video Games in the 90’s

  1. It takes hours of practice

Just like getting skilled at Columns (I once got to level 150, it took about five hours and I could no longer see straight), dressage takes hours and hours doing the same exercises and movements, developing the right muscles and hoping for the penny to drop in the horse and riders head and for the co-ordination to kick in so that you get the right result.

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Getting Into the Heart of Side Saddle

Felicity, Dolly and I in action!

Felicity, Dolly and I in action!

Felicity and I were meant to be together. I first met her on the side of a road when I collected her and another saddle off her owner to bring her to be used on a horse at a side saddle camp a friend had organised. I knew sweet FA about side saddles at the time but loved the look of her as she was a dark leather in contrast to the other doe skin saddles.

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