To 2013 – The Year Of The Adventure

To riding alongside new friends To making new memories with old ones To the horses we lost and the memories we keep To the days where we won and the days where we learned To riding sideways and moving forwards To the days with the sun on your back and the days with the rainContinue reading “To 2013 – The Year Of The Adventure”

Side Saddle – I Will Survive!

To the tune of ‘I will Survive’ by Gloria Gaynor At first I was excited, slightly terrified Heading down to Co.  Meath for my first sidesaddle ride I spent oh so many hours thinking how it could go wrong I might fall off, the horse might be way too strong

A Holstein, A Half Hanoverian and a Whole Lot of Work

  A few weeks ago the big lady and I headed off on another adventure, this time to a dressage clinic with Heike Holstein. The horse (the half hanoverian) twigged that she was going somewhere as soon as the travel boots appeared and decided to dig a hole in her bed in excitement, as youContinue reading “A Holstein, A Half Hanoverian and a Whole Lot of Work”

Some of The Best Moments You Can Have On And With Horses

Meeting a fence too long but with no room for an extra stride, throwing your heart over the fence, closing your eyes, hoping for the best and then feeling the horse go with you. A challenging jump saddle jump – oh f**k, oh f**k, oh f**k, I’m wobbling, I’m gonna come off, I’m gonna die,Continue reading “Some of The Best Moments You Can Have On And With Horses”