A Hipflask Recipe With a Twist – Fancy Skittle Vodka

Drink The Rainbow!
Drink The Rainbow!

Old skool skittle vodka was made by chucking all but the green ones into a naggin of vodka overnight in the freezer and then drinking whatever it ended up looking like. This is a slightly more sophisticated recipe than the original!

You will need:

 One big bag of skittles

Some small glass bottles or jars (Mine cost €1.40 each in tesco)

Some reasonable quality vodka (never buy the supermarket value stuff, it’s like paint stripper on the stomach!)

Five mugs

A spoon

A fridge

A jug



1. Separate your skittles by colour adding all the red to one mug, all the orange to one mug and so on. You will end up with five mugs of skittles – red, orange, yellow, green and purple.

2. Fill one of your jars of bottles with vodka. Then tip this bottle/jar full into the first mug. Repeat for the other four mugs. You now have five mugs of skittles covered in vodka and will know you have the right quantity in each to fill your jar/bottle.

3. Stir the contents of each mug every half hour with a spoon for an hour.


  1. Put your five mugs into the fridge over night.


  1. The next day, strain the contents of the first mug into a jug. You can use a fine strainer, a sieve, a tea strainer or some muslin cloth. The straining removes the little bits of skittles and the thicker skin on top of the mug of liquid. Your jug should now be full of smooth and clear coloured skittle vodka.


  1. Pour the skittle vodka from the jug into the bottle or jar (or your hipflask!).


  1. Wash out your jug and strainer.


  1. Repeat steps 5, 6 and 7 for the remaining four mugs


  1. Scrape the sugary goo left at the bottom of each mug into the bin before you wash the mugs.


  1. Enjoy!

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