Still not finished your Christmas shopping?

I love shopping, Christmas present shopping is great as I don’t even have to feel guilty because I am buying things for others and not myself. So, given that I’ve spent all my money, let me help you spend yours!

These are a few of my favourite equestrian shops and things



I love horze. The products are great quality, there is huge variety and they provide everything from value quality products in the Spirit and Crescendo ranges to the luxury of the B Vertigo products.

My top pic at the moment is a product they sell from Lamicell, these Winter gloves are amazing value and are a rare breed of thin enough material to ride in while durable enough not to end up wrecked. They are also brilliantly grippy. I used to buy thinner grip gloves but hated how they wore out so quickly – I love these.




Decathlon do two great ranges. The first is the equestrian wear. The second is the really affordable yet very warm ski wear. Their delivery is fast and the prices are hard to pass up.

My top products for riders are the kipwarm breeches and the fabric half chaps. I have worn these breeches daily for months and they are lovely looking, warm, comfortable and hard wearing. They also cost a lot less than less comfortable water proof breeches I have bought before. I live in these at the moment. The half chaps fit like a second skin, can be washed in the washing machine and stand up to daily hard work – I got six months of daily use out of my last pair before they showed any sign of wear which for the price is fantastic.




The ski wear has some gorgeous fleeces and base layers to keep riders warm. My favourites are this blue fleece lined sweatshirt and the long sleeves fleeces. I have both and have been loving them in the cold weather,




Mitchell Moor Equestrian,

Mitchell specialises in high quality equestrian goods with subtle classic detail. His product ranges are idea for anyone loving understated luxury and co-ordinated tack and equipment. he provides a personal touch, encouraging clients to contact him to discuss products.

I have the Cavaletti bridle and get so many compliments on it. It is lightweight, shaped to provide comfort to the horse and beautifully made. The reins are rubber covered continental reins which I had never seen before but are the best of both worlds in terms of comfort and grip.




This website is pure luxury and makes compulsive viewing for anyone who is obsessed with grooming products. I wrote in depth before in my review of the Haas brush set. This company sells the sets of brushes which make a lovely christmas present for anyone who takes great pride in their horses appearance.



Next on my wish list from this company is this hair removing grooming device:

Fur Feather Meds

Quite frankly if you are into matchy matchy this is heaven. The company sell everything to match from saddle cloths and exercise bandages to fly veils. They will even help you match your outfit to your horse. I have spent hours of my life just drooling over the collections.


Aztec Diamond

Every time I go on this website I just want to look like the ladies in the photos! If there is ever a day where I am not out in the wind and rain and covered in hair, dirt and hay I want to look this hot on horseback. Aztec Diamond sell rider wear for leisure and competition and the capsule collections are classic, fashionable and flattering.

I have serious love for black lace so these breeches, shirt and the competition sweatshirt very high up on my wishlist!



Navy Show Sweater


Holmestead Saddlery

I was in Holmeastead last week and they had serious bargains on Tagg competition wear as well as on Anky and Eurostar breeches. I fell in love with a blue tweed Tagg jacket reduced to €69.99. I didn’t buy it but i am still thinking about how good we would be together!

Dressage Deluxe

If you like dressage, bling and looking fancy, this is the website for you. This is another source of inspiration for me when drooling over things I want but cant justify buying for myself. I did buy myself this crown shaped stock pin last year (if theres anything I love more than bling, its crown shaped bling!) and its amazing


Hope Valley Saddlery

I bought from this website for the first time last week. they had a sale on where I got some really good bargains. delivery was affordable and fast. They sell a wide range of products for horses and riders

If you know exactly what you are looking for in terms of product and brand, check this site out as they often have very good deals. Their clearance section is huge and is often highly reduced. I got two Roma puffer pads recently for only £20 each and they are perfect.

If you like sheepskin and all sorts of fluffy luxury for your horse, this is the place to go. They also stock Eqyss surviver detangler,  my favourite product in the world for silkening up manky tails.




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