Product Review – Janni Bars Leather Balm


I love doing product reviews. I am a big fan of Janni Bars already – they are a local small company who specialise in environmentally friendly and plastic free beauty products for humans, horses and dogs.

I currently use several of their bars already – the after work bar to bathe my horses after a hard work session, the bright white shampoo bar for washing their white legs before a show and the Avocado Scrub soap on my hands. I also love the mojito scrub for my shower – it smells incredible!

Janni recently gave me the chance to review her new product – leather balm. I was very keen and as I always do with reviews – I gave the products a good go before publishing anything.

leather balm.jpg

First impressions – I loved that this is a leather conditioner but comes in a solid form. I am really accident prone and hate using liquid oils as I (or the dog under my feet!) inevitably spill them! This came in a metal tin – like all Janni Bar products it is plastic free – but even better, you can get a refill so you keep the tin and once empty, your refill just pops in – no waste.

I tried the balm on several leather items. The first was my saddle. My bargain of the century is the Antares jumping saddle that I got on ebay last year – it was a steal! It was kept in a shed before I got it and needs a bit of looking after. The leather balm was perfect as it really soaked into rather than coating the leather. I applied 2 coats and let it all soak in. Afterwards I loved how the saddle looked and I actually felt a difference when riding – I found that the saddle held me much better afterwards when jumping as the leather was much more supple! I left it a few weeks to write the review as I wanted to check if the effect was short lasting or if mould was more likely to grow on the leather (I have had this issue previously with some leather products). I am pleased to report zero adverse effects the saddle still looks great and will  get another drink of the product soon 🙂

Left (before), middle and right (after).

Next up were my favourite shoes. My dubes had seen better days. A quick going over with the leather balm and they were looking almost new!

Before (left and middle) , after (right)

My boots were a pretty extreme case study yesterday. I have a newer pair of Tredstep boots that I haven’t broken in yet so my old faithfuls are still being abused at every competition. I came home from competing yesterday and they looked battered! So I gave them a wash and then applied the balm to see if they cold get a bit of a facelift – delighted with the results!

None of these photos have had any affects or filters applied – I simply wanted to give honest before and afters of the product. The tub is generous sized – I still have over half left having done several saddles, shoes and boots with it!

Now I can understand that you might be thinking – well why this balm when there are many on the market. lets start with the plastic free movement. Personally as a consumer I am tired of hearing how we are to blame for plastic consumption – we are not. I went on a rare night out in Dublin on Saturday and to be honest was appalled to be given a glass every time at the bar and then insisted to decant into a single use plastic cup to go outside to their food vans area. I asked could the bar give me a plastic cup to at least stop unnecessarily washing a glass every time – no, the bar had no plastic but outside I was not allowed glass so our table was shocked to end up with a pile of single use plastic cups. The same venue ironically boasts about how the packaging from the food vans is compostable! This example just serves to illustrate how consumers are often not given a choice. If single use plastic use by manufacturers was banned tomorrow the world would change very quickly. It wont be (for financial reasons I believe) so I do believe that as a consumer its right to support a local business who aim to be plastic free at their own cost. the other part is local business – so many of us work for or run small businesses – we need to support each other. I love to support local businesses when I can especially when they are reasonable priced and doing something different. These products also do not contain any nasty chemicals and are not tested on  animals.

Where to order Janni Bar:

The leather balm –

The avocado scrub and other gorgeous smelling soaps to use in your home –

All horse and dog products including the after work bar and bright white shampoo –

Animal Products

Just a note on the bright white shampoo – this is honestly the best whitening shampoo I have used. I ran out last week so on Saturday I needed to use a normal shampoo on Sammy’s legs and it wasn’t a patch on bright white at all!



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