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A Holstein, A Half Hanoverian and a Whole Lot of Work

The horse and I in action

The horse and I in action


A few weeks ago the big lady and I headed off on another adventure, this time to a dressage clinic with Heike Holstein. The horse (the half hanoverian) twigged that she was going somewhere as soon as the travel boots appeared and decided to dig a hole in her bed in excitement, as you do. We set off for Redhills Stud in Kildare. Redhills is one of my favourite places as it really is a yard that is a home from home – there is always someone to greet you and open a gate, someone to give you a hand and you are never let leave without a cup of tea, a pastry and a chat. The horse loves it too as there is always someone telling her she is pretty or giving her something!

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