You Rode Horses Growing Up in the 90’s When….

The bible in the 90's
The bible in the 90’s

* The gospel was ‘Horse and Pony’ magazine and Freddie the chestnut pony was god. The posters covered every inch of your wall, the free stickers ended up on every school book and some of you might even remember the day the magazine went from black and white to colour!

* You wanted to ride and own Downlands Cancara the black stallion who was the Lloyd’s Bank mascot and Milton the ultimate show jumping gelding

Sweatshirts with a horses head on them - the old skool equivilant of Kingsland
Sweatshirts with a horses head on them – the old skool equivilant of Kingsland

* You owned a long Puffa coat, it had stud fasteners, made you look twice the width you were and bunched up when you sat in the saddle!

* You had a back protector which consisted of several chunks of foam attached by material with two dubious ‘nappy’ straps which fastened between the legs. Every riding school had one weird kid who left these on even when not on a horse.

* You tried and failed to make a wisp in the style of those in the old pony club manual.

* You read the saddle club, Jill and Ginny books cover to cover

* You dreamed, thanks to these books, of riding in a gymkhana

* You remember getting a free ‘Winergy’ treat bar for horses at the ‘Kerrygold Dublin Horse Show’.

* The three ring / Dutch gag made an appearance and you wondered what the heck it was

* Horse equipment and accessories came in basic colours – black, white, navy, red, green, brown. Purple, Pink, Baby Blue and Bling had yet to be invented.

* Besides you would be killed by the old skool instructors for even thinking of using something in anything except those colours (you know who you are!)

Born in the 80's
Born in the 80’s

* It was perfectly acceptable to ride bareback or without reins (or both).

* You adopted the ‘5 second rule’ when dropping food on the tack room floor.

* You watched the cartoon ‘Wildfire’ and ‘Follyfoot’ on tv

* You owned a sweatshirt with a picture of a horse on front

* You were told by at least one adult to bring some baler twine, a hoof pick and coins for a pay phone out hacking with you.

* Outdoor rugs were New Zealand Rugs and a grackle was the old style under the cheekbones type

* You really really wanted one of those matching sets of a hat silk, XC sweatshirt and a pony rug like the girls in the magazines and catalogues

* You owned a body brush with a rainbow patterned strap

* Nigel Coupe and Karen Dixon rocked!

* you still now how to apply perfect exercise bandages because when growing up fancy affordable tendon boots didnt exist!

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11 thoughts on “You Rode Horses Growing Up in the 90’s When….

  1. Ah Horse & Pony, Milton & Cancara were all part of my childhood also – although only rare treats as couldn’t get H&P out here, so only got the magazines when I was back in Ireland for the summer!
    Also loved the Saddle Club & Ginny, missed out on the Jill books…now i feel short changed!


  3. does anyone remember the ‘Win a Pony’ competition? It might have been Pony magazine. And a girl won and got a horse called Mishka. And lessons and tack etc etc
    God, I was so envious! (And it shows because I still remember it now😳)

    1. Oh my word…. I was so envious of her, was her name Naomi and her family called her Nonni? Still have that issue of H&P. I really has hoped I would win a pony.

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