Things I Learned At The Festival

 festival 9

Always pack suncream, shorts, an umbrella and water proofs because if it the weather is not lashing rain and baltic it will be tropical!

Wearing a top hat one size too small for your head in 30 degree heat may not be the best idea… and no the hat will not stretch to fit your head in the heat either!

Trying to tie your own stock always carries the risk of either jabbing the stock pin in your neck or accidentally swallowing it while holding it between your teeth when trying to tie it using the jeep side mirror as a guide.

Its surprisingly hard to see out of a veil when running in hand with a horse

The trip up to the dressage arenas on horseback serves as a good warm up for your test

The trip up to the dressage arenas on foot serves as a work out

There is no fear like the fear when you realise you are at the dressage arenas and your number is back at the horse box

The horse that won’t bat an eyelid at all the electric picnic displays is the one that will spook at a log instead

Nothing hits the spot like an ice cold can of coke when you are baking hot after a class.

Horseboxes make good changing rooms

The likelihood of your horse standing on you is directly proportional to how sharp the studs you have in him are

Nothing makes grass more appealing to a horse than having a clean bridle and bit on

The grass the furthest distance from the person holding the leadrope is apparently always the grass that tastes the best

Telling someone ‘we are at the big tree’ only works as a locator if there is only one big tree.

Don’t leave it until 5pm to decide to go and get ice cream – come back van driver!

‘Refuel’ syringes can sometimes work better and faster than anticipated.

There is no subtle way to throw the dressage whip out of your hand two movements in because the horse has come back to life and is having a party.

Not competing a grey horse gives you at least an extra hour in bed in the morning.

When plaiting a horse it will stay perfectly still until you start to sew them in and you really need it to stay still.

Multi packs of isotonic drinks are your friend

No clothing that arrives white ever goes home white.


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