Farewell My Friend

smaller siog

I knew we would not have forever

I just hoped to have more time

We spent eleven years together

Since the day you became ‘mine’


You were as mad as horses can be

And I rarely had any brakes

But you had a heart of gold

And you forgave all my mistakes

Your favourite thing was jumping

And pretty soon I found

All I had to do was sit and steer

And you would get us that clear round

siog at rds

You would lift your leg to say please

And escaped regularly from your stall

You stole bananas and maltesers

You were too clever for us all

There were times when you were very ill

And you had me worried sick

But you were strong and so determined

That you recovered fairly quick


Ten years ago with a fractured leg

One day you lay down for a nap

I sat in the stable crying

And your head lay on my lap

I prayed to all the heavens

To help me pull you through

I promised that  if you survived

I would always take care of you


Not only did you pull through

You proved everybody wrong

Not only were you sound

You were back jumping before long

At the championships at Dublin

You knew just what to do

You put in four clear rounds

So our team won the cup twice too

 siog at callaighstown

Pony and riding club and Trec

You did everything at speed

I’d try to get you to calm down

But you never felt the need

It wasn’t just me you looked after

You taught other riders too

They took a loan of you for pony club

And fell in love with you


In the past year you mellowed

And it was time for a new start

You carried kids in the riding school

And loved to play your part

In recent times we noticed

Some of the light had left your eyes

We knew it may not be long

Before we said our last goodbyes


Last week was our last together

I kept my promise til the end

It was time to do what I always dreaded

And say a last goodbye to you my friend

There will be many times I’m sad

When I stop and think of you

I’ll remind myself I was lucky

We had more time than most people do

When I am lonely I will look up

I will be hoping that you will be

Up there amongst the stars

Somehow looking back at me

~1986 – 2013 ~

RIP Best Little Mare

 l and siog


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10 thoughts on “Farewell My Friend

  1. I am sorry, this is so sad…I have tears in my eyes. We have a 30 year old mare…I dread the day she will leave us…we have had her since she was 4!

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