Vote for Lorna – A Shameless Plee!

Vote for lorna

So some of you may have noticed the new shiny red badge on my blog. Thanks to you lovely people I’ve managed to make it onto the long list for five (yep five!) categories between this blog and my not so equestrian alter ego (adventuresoflittlel).

I have also been nominated in the ‘Blog Post of the Year’ category which unlike the other five is not decided upon just by judges and will be hugely influenced by a public vote with the nominees with the lowest number of votes being deleted five at a time weekly! I’ve been nomninated for these posts:

– Farewell My Friend ( which is about the sad passing of a little horse with the biggest heart who was one of my cloest friends

– From Clueless to Competing, My Side Saddle adventure so far ( which documented my journey from bounding about at a have a go day to strutting around a show ring.


– Why Golfers Don’t Understand equestrianism ( which is my explanation to those of you with non living sports equipment that no I don’t ‘just sit on the horse’.

This will all work on voting and the posts with the lowest votes will be removed each week until there are only ten left.

Last year I attended the blog awards for the first time. I will admit that up to then I honestly thought blogging was all about company CEO’s trying to be down with the younger generation and long rambling diaries of emos with too much time and feelings. I was in fact very wrong. I ended up very impressed and very inspired. ‘I could do that’ I said dressed as a butterfly After a few glasses of wine. ‘Go on so’ said one of the organisers (you know who you are B!).  So I did. I wrote stuff. People read it. Even stranger people liked it and people laughed. So I wrote more. One of my goals for this year became to attend the awards again as a nominee. 

I do feel a little cheeky asking you all for votes after already asking so many of you to nominate, proof read etc so I promise no sob story. Lets face it. given that I watch the X Factor roaring ‘oh FFS no one cares that the ghost of your dead aunt left the application form in your handbag, that your a single parent or that you work in a sh*t job – just f**king sing !’, a sob story would be a little hypocrital.

So please if you have a second, please follow the link ( and if you think they are good enough, vote for one of my posts.

Thank you!






6 thoughts on “Vote for Lorna – A Shameless Plee!

  1. So hard to pick one! Laughed so much qt the golfclubs! But the sudesaddle one has me won over 🙂

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