Grand Day for a Spot of Side Jockeying!

Ah I love my dad. He is a legend with his own distinctive way with words. He has in the past coined phrases such as ‘eyes like two p*ss holes in the snow’ (used to describe a pale person with small dark eyes) and ‘ah jaysus the Longford black’ (used to describe someone who has died their naturally lighter hair quite dark or black. This was shouted at me for several years of my adolescence.). Dad was also at one point nicknamed ‘whatchamaycallit’ due to his fondness for the word.

My parents recently came to watch me at a side saddle display which was great because a) they hadn’t seen me on a horse for about a decade b) I managed to stay on and not make a balls of it so hopefully can see that despite me turning into ‘one of those horsey people’ I haven’t entirely wasted the last twenty years of my social life.

It was during a conversation after the display that dad mentioned that he had bumped into a lady I used to work with in a shop in the small village where they live. She had asked about me and he told me that he had advised her that I was ‘mad into this side jockeying now’!

There was no mistaking the pride in his voice so there was no way I was going to correct him on it but I can’t help wonder what exactly this poor woman thinks I am at. I am grateful of the knowledge that this comment came up in the context of horses so she will at least hopefully not be thinking I am re-enacting fifty shades of anything….


4 thoughts on “Grand Day for a Spot of Side Jockeying!

  1. Just found your blog! I love it! I know several men like your Dad…class, pure class!
    I am at some stage in the near future hoping to try a bit of “side jockeying” too! I just need to get my horse and myself a bit fitter!

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