Medicinal Irish Hot Whiskey Recipe

You will need....
You will need….

So I spent most of last week working from bed dying slowly and loudly with what has been dubbed ‘that awful dose going round’. On Wednesday evening my head was completely blocked up and as I am allergic to anything containing pseudoephedrine there was only one thing for it – a medicinal hot whiskey. My dad makes the best ones but given I can’t enjoy one and drive home I had to go it alone and I have to say it worked! The recipe for anyone else suffering from ‘the dose is below.


You will need:

–          A bottle of good Irish whiskey

–          Half a fresh lemon

–          A kettle

–          A tub of manuka honey

–          Some whole cloves

–          A glass

–          A teaspoon

The end result!

Make it:

  1. Boil the kettle
  2. Cut a thick round slice off the half lemon
  3. Stick 4-5 cloves through this round slice
  4. Add this cloved slice to the glass
  5. Squeeze the remainder of the lemon adding the juice to the glass
  6. Add a generous shot of whiskey
  7. Fill up to near the top with boiling water and stir.
  8. Dip the hot teaspoon into the honey and add a generous spoonful of manuka honey to the mix, slowly stirring in until it has all melted
  9. Enjoy!

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