Side Saddle – I Will Survive!

Equestrian Reaity

To the tune of ‘I will Survive’ by Gloria Gaynor

At first I was excited, slightly terrified

Heading down to Co.  Meath for my first sidesaddle ride

I spent oh so many hours thinking how it could go wrong

I might fall off, the horse might be way too strong


But it was great craic, I didn’t fall on my face

Once I’d climbed up on the horse I tried out almost every pace

I know afterwards I’d be in a jock but it was all so worry free

And thanks to Susan Oakes we even jumped a fence or three!

ssversion 1

It was time to go, we walked out the door, but the problem now

Was I was dying to do some more

Wasn’t I the one who thought I’d never get to give it a try?

I thought I’d be awful, I thought if I tried to jump I’d die

Photo by Harriet Byrne
Photo by Harriet Byrne

But then I knew that I , I would survive

Oh, as long as I could just hang on, I’d probably stay alive

My muscles they were killing me, my arse was very sore

But I survived, yeah I survived.

Photo by Verity O'Mahony
Photo by Verity O’Mahony

The day I went on my first hack was my second start

I borrowed a saddle and a habit that I loved with all my heart

And I spent oh so many euro getting training for myself

I learned to try, and to hold my head up high


And you see me, I’m kinda new

The short girl on the orange train who was riding out with you

We did some showing classes won a championship or three

I knew then that this side saddle lark had a serious hold on me

borris 1

We did a display, at Borris house, that was pretty class now

And the horse doesn’t mind gunshot anymore

And I have learned what to do when the horse is scared and shy

Put her up beside her Ralphy, and she realises we won’t die


Oh no because I , I will survive

Thanks to my emergency grip I know I’ll stay alive

I’ve so many things to buy, so many adventures still to live

I will survive, I will survive, oh

lady gaga

Go on now, go, give it a go, just book yourself in now

And I won’t be the newbie anymore

Weren’t you the one who said you always wanted to try?

Don’t chicken out and crumble, it makes me want to cry.


Oh, no, not I, I will survive

I’m hoping 2014 will be another year to thrive

Sure with the help of Ciara and Verity I’ll have the best wardrobe there is

And I’ll survive, I will survive, I will survive!

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One thought on “Side Saddle – I Will Survive!

  1. Absolutely adore this – I prob shouldn’t have read it before going to bed though as will have Gloria Gaynor/Side Saddle dreams now!

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