The Reality of Being A Hobbit Height Rider / Groom



  • Having to teach yourself to mount up using a block / fence / gate / anything available as there is little hope of you making it from the ground.


  • People thinking your horse is way bigger than it is. “Oh my god she must be 18 hands!”. Eh, no, I’m just really short.

  • Always being left until last when horses are being assigned to people in a group because it doesn’t matter which height you get


  • Having to buy either extra narrow half chaps or kids half chaps because otherwise the top of them digs into the back of your knee when you try to walk or ride.


  • Being able to ride a 12.2 pony without looking too tall.


  • Having to stand on a block to plait anything.


  • Feeling the rage when a horse loves putting it’s head up when you are trying to put a bridle on it. Get your head down now or I will climb you!


  • Walking a course and thinking the fences look huge because they come up to your waist.


  • Hearing riders talking about how they ‘outgrew’ their first pony / horse and realising that never happened to you.


  • Buying kids jods as they are cheaper and a way better fit on the leg.


  • Hating adult jods because you get a fake calf bulge where you had to roll up and fold over the end of the jods before covering with a sock and putting your boots on.


  • Loving breeches as they end at perfect ankle length on you as opposed to mid lower leg on taller people.


  • Having to put a roll in your stirrups when riding a horse belonging to a taller person.


  • Not being able to put your leg on in a tall persons saddle because your leg barely comes down below the skirt of the saddle.


  • Realising that all the twelve year olds on the yard seem to be taller than you all ready.


  • The heart breaking moment when you realise that unless you can grow an extra six inches of leg you will never look like the dressage divas on tv.


  • Not being able to buy your favourite boots because they don’t come in short height and you need to be able to actually bend your leg (people of Toggi if you are reading this we need a short ass version of the Calgary boots please!).


  • Getting easily lifted off the ground by a big strong horse.


  • Having to lift a saddle over the height of your head to tack up a seventeen hander.


  • Feeling envious of tall people who can casually throw a rug over a stable wall whereas when you try it you just end up on your tippy toes with a rug on your head.


  • Always keeping a step in your jeep or horsebox


  • Never banging your head off the top of the jockey door.


  • Having enough room to sleep comfortably in the corner of a lorry or in the jeep at shows.


  • Adult jackets are too big and too long. Kids jackets fit perfect in the body but the sleeves are too short.


  • As a result of the above you spend hours on ebay looking for ‘maids’ size jackets.


  • Learning that if you are 5’2” wearing a full length wax jacket is just not a good look unless the aim was to look like a long coat with feet and a head.


  • Easily dodging your way to the front of a big crowd at a horse show because you can duck low enough that no one notices.


  • Catching your feet in the martingale and reins when carrying a bridle.


  • And in the rug straps when carrying rugs.


  • Having to buy a kids or special short size back protector because otherwise the end of the damn thing keeps hitting off the back of the saddle when you ride.


  • Being at the perfect height to clip legs.


  • Having to run like Usain Bolt to trot up a big horse in hand.


  • Climbing onto the bars at the back of the horse box to reach to close the top doors over.


  • Not being able to see over a stable door.


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One thought on “The Reality of Being A Hobbit Height Rider / Groom

  1. Sorry L, but i fell about the place laughing at these!
    Although i shouldn’t really as although I’m over 1m70 I still get my feet caught in martingales/reins when carrying a bridle! *blush*

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