Magic Brush Is ….Kind Of Magic!

Magic Brush Pack of Three
Magic Brush Pack of Three

I found ‘Magic Brush’ in TRI Equestrian a while back while browsing. It was very like a brush that one of my friends is always raving about for getting hair out of saddle cloths. While I knew it wasn’t the exact same thing, I had a few saddle cloths and items at home in the ‘de-hair or get rid of’ pile so I decided to buy it in the off chance it could save them. To be honest this just serves to illustrate why I am rarely left unsupervised in any shop as I tend to be a danger to my bank balance.

The magic brush comes in a pack of three and there was no option to buy just one so I was hoping I would like it as otherwise I would be stuck with three of them! I decided to try the brush out on one of my hair covered saddle cloths. I have given up washing very hair covered items in the washing machine, even in the special bags as inevitably I end up being the girl in the office with horse hair on her clothes. Previously I have gone through mountains of lint rollers trying to remove hair (I am the freak in H & M squeaking excitedly while buying all the 95 cent lint rollers) or sellotape (this ended badly when I managed to sellotape my hand to itself).

Guinea Pig Saddle Cloth - Before
Guinea Pig Saddle Cloth – Before


Now the first thing you need to realise about this brush is physics – hair comes off saddle cloth, hair goes somewhere else. So I would recommend using over a sink or on a floor you can sweep afterwards. I’d also recommend not wearing your best clothing and brushing away from you! The brush does take a bit of muscle and seems to work best for me when you use it to brush away from yourself in short strong movements. Pretty soon I had a decent pile of hair built up and a saddle cloth that looked a lot better.

Something very satisfying about collecting all this hair off the saddle cloth!

I spent another fifteen minutes or so removing as much hair as I could and the saddle cloth was almost back to normal! After a wash, it looks perfect. I took these photos of the first saddle cloth I rescued. Last weekend I gave the brush another test on a hair plastered saddle cloth that I had pretty much given up on and it has rescued that one too. I have learned that if the item in question is caked in hair, the brush can also get a bit caked. The best way to fix this, if you are in an equestrian household who understands such dilemnas, is to use a fork to quickly remove the clumps of hair and then keep brushing. If you are not from an equestrian household, I’d still use the fork I just wouldn’t tell anyone and stick it in the dishwasher afterwards.

Guinea Pig Saddle Cloth – After!

Overall I would give the Magic Brush a big thumbs up and I am now glad I have ended up with three as I noticed it is also great at removing hair or lint from regular clothes so I have one horse one at home, one non horse one at home and one at the yard as you can also use them to remove loose hair on horses.


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One thought on “Magic Brush Is ….Kind Of Magic!

  1. I love these brushes and use a hoof pick to clean mine while in use 😉
    It is such a versatile brush for inside & outside rugs and saddle pads as well as the horse’s whole body and feet if you like washing hooves that is ☺
    I don’t know how i managed before I got this brush back in the summer and am so glad I discovered it as i now need hardly any other grooming stuff!

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