10 Things Riders With An Electric Arse Are Tired Of Hearing

  1. “Stop overriding”

I’m not?

  1. “You are riding on”

Honestly I am really not, this just kind of happens.

  1. “Take your leg off”

Are you mad? It took me years to learn to put it on.

  1. “Just sit quietly”

I am, I am not even talking!!

  1. “You are going a bit too fast”

Nah, it is just a really forward going pace.

  1. “You are driving on with your seat”

Eh no, I am just sitting on my seat, I swear.

  1. “Just relax”

I would if people would stop telling me to slow down.

  1. “Your leg is stronger than you realise”

Apparently so.

  1. “Just go slowly”

I am trying in fairness but where’s the fun in that?

  1. “You have an electric arse”

Yes, so I keep getting told!

*having an electric arse – possessing a natural ability to ride almost all horses in a very forward manner, inspiring very onward motion even in those that are normally in a coma. This is often unintentional by the rider!

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