Things Side Saddle Riders Are Too Used To Being Asked

me n dan

1. “Do you wear anything underneath your skirt?”

No darling, I am all wool habit and no knickers


 2. “Is side saddle comfortable?”

Initially, no. After lots of practice, relatively. After a few hits of a hip flask, yes.


3. “I’ve heard it is very hard to fall off?”

I heard that too and almost believed it until I went ass over tit and landed on my face.


4. “Are you not afraid of falling off?”

In fairness that fear is probably the only thing keeping me on


5. “Can you see through that veil?”

No but the jumping is less terrifying this way


6. “Can you drink through that veil?”

Would you like a demonstration? I’ll need some sloe gin and a hip flask.


7. “Is it a very expensive hobby?”

On the expensive hobby / addiction spectrum it probably falls somewhere between champagne and designer shoes.


 8. “Isn’t riding side saddle setting back feminism?”

When you open any magazine and find lists of celebrity women deemed too fat, too thin or too ugly to leave the house I think there might be bigger issues to be concerned about.


9. “Is there a strap holding you on to the saddle?”

No, just my leg. I am like a side saddle swan – all smiling and elegant up top, holding on for dear life with every leg muscle underneath.


10. “Does the horse like it?”

Less than she likes food, more than she likes poles on the ground.


11. “Why do you want to ride side saddle?”

The voices in my head suggested it


12. “What does it feel like?”

Try driving your car sitting square while using your right leg to work the clutch



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