Is Your Vagina Getting in the Way of your Diagnosis?

This piece is one I chose to write for Equitas. I believe its a phenomena that affects many women. When we experience symptoms that affect our ability to enjoy our sport or to have a quality of life we are often written off as emotional / over sensitive / anxious / hormonal.

Often this assumption and the failure of medical professionals to take women seriously can result in us being in limbo land – not a candidate for para dressage or compensating aids yet also not able to enjoy the able bodied classes due to medical issues. Its often only by banging hard on doors that they start to open.

To be clear, this piece isn’t bashing male medical professionals, often the female medical professionals can be just as guilty of writing women off. There is often still in 2023 an air of “just suffer and offer it up”. No thank you.

You can read the piece here:

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