Horseshow Hangover Symptoms

  • You put your horse carefully to bed having removed all the travel gear, adding rugs, feeding, haying and checking they were okay. You crawled into bed yourself at god knows what time and passed out

  • You cant believe its Monday – again.
  • Worse you cant believe you have to go to work – again
  • You have made it to work looking like you spent three days at some kind of rave festival and slept in a bush
  • You have stiffness in muscles you didn’t know you used
  • You are not sure when you last brushed your hair and are afraid to try as it resembles wire wool
  • You know you are probably dehydrated but would murder someone for a salt filled takeaway and some caffeine
  • You just want to finish work, check on your horse and lie on the couch for the evening inhaling pizza
  • You are dreading the packing and putting away of the insane amount of things you brought with you to the show all of which were packed neatly on departure and are now piled anywhere and everywhere in your vehicle.
  • The ‘having a specific place for everything and being organised’ plan has clearly failed and you have no idea where half your things are
  • Nothing that was white is still white
  • You know you will be abusing your washing machine for days to have it all ready to do the same next week
  • You are broke and its not payday for quite a while
  • Your house looks like a tornado went through it thanks to your ‘where the f**k is that’ panicked last minute packing
  • You have a least a small dose of wind burn or a farmers tan or frost bite depending on the season
  • Your immaculate competition clothing is now a mucky mess
  • You are itching to see the professional photos loaded online
  • You are already planning to do it all again soon



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