Product Review – Aztec Diamond Equestrian

Aztec Diamond Burgundy Baselayer top in action

I first came across Aztec Diamond a few years ago on Facebook and took a look at the website. What caught my eye was simple – the models looked fantastic in the products. I know it’s a running joke among equestrians that the pristine outfits on ladies in ads for equestrian products would quickly be filthy working on a yard but I don’t see anything wrong with trying to look good while doing what you love.

The company was founded by Jordan McCabe in her twenties who spotted a market gap for affordable and flattering equestrian clothing and wanted to turn this into a business idea. The Aztec Diamond products are exactly my style – simple colours, close fitting, subtle detailing and designed with innovation in mind. So how do these clothes fare a on a rider who is not built like a model and did they face up to some tough work on a yard?

First, let me explain – I received nothing in return for this review and have no association to the brand. I purchased the products I reviewed by myself for myself. I review what I buy as there is always curiosity in the market around new products and different brands.

Feeling like an xman in my navy leggings 🙂

First up, let me talk about postage. Postage to Ireland was £15 and took a week. It might be cheaper to go with the UK postage which is just £3 if you have an address routing service. Everything is beautifully packaged in a branded package and wrapped in black tissue paper. The returns policy is clear and up front and included in the package. I love the effort that goes into this.


The Leggings:

I have actually used the returns policy last year. I bought a pair of the first generation leggings and sent them back as I found them too baggy and unflattering on the crotch area. The team couldn’t have been more helpful and immediately offer a choice of refund, replacement or another size. I ordered a pair of second generation leggings this year as I was still in love with every photo or add I saw for them. I realised what my mistake had been first time round – I’d been unsure of size and bought small but this time I bought extra small and they fit perfectly and were much more flattering. So don’t go a size up in fear that they won’t fit you – they are designed to fit closely and they do stretch. I bought a few pair of riding tights / leggings in various brands this year as I work from home and wanted something comfortable enough to work in at a desk while suitable for heading straight down to the yard. The leggings are incredibly flattering –  I feel like marvel character in them! The material is light and silky, it stretches and fits close, there are no annoying seams and they don’t go baggy or go loose. I am short and close fitting products like this are appealing as they don’t make me to look shorter! These are honestly the most comfortable things I have worn in years on a horse. I wore these riding, teaching and working in a yard several times and they take far more abuse and work than their light appearance would have you believe. I washed them in my normal wash at 30 degrees without fabric conditioner, I threw them in the tumble dryer and I basically gave them a good going and they are still in perfect condition. The phone pocket is brilliantly designed it is so simple yet your phone does not budge – I ran full tilt behind a horse up a laneway and couldn’t even feel the phone against my thigh – I actually went looking for it afterwards as I couldn’t remember where I’d left it! Much better than having a phone jiggling in your pocket. I bought my first pair of these in navy, have since purchased black and I am eyeing up the burgundy and silver while my credit card is burning in distress. My only worry is not being able to wear these in Winter when it is very cold so I am hoping they might design a thermal range.

Navy leggings in action – photo by Aisling Hanlon


The Base Layers:

I have two base layers – one first generation, one second and while I like them I don’t love them as much as the leggings. The first one, a burgundy first generation layer is a gorgeous colour and very flattering on but the stitching has shown some wear. The second layer a metal coloured one, has maintained quality despite washing and wearing. I had my doubts about the small details such as the zips and rings on the sleeves and neck lasting the distance but was proven wrong. The quality and appearance of these are lovely I am just not in love with the fit which I find quite tight and a little restricting – I found the layers came up much smaller in size than the leggings with the small layer being a tight fit while the XS leggings are comfort. I do have fairly muscular arms which may contribute to the fit. That said – this layer looks fantastic on and is very flattering.

Metal colour second generation base layer, used as a cross country top

The Bras:

I bought one bra as an experiment as I had a pain in my ass with my existing sports bras and threw them all out in a fit of rage. Why? Because nothing is as irritating as a sports bra shredding your under arms, riding up or digging into you. I was fit to burn the offenders that I bought a while back for crimes against womens bodies. I found most brands horrifically uncomfortable and my old reliable londsdale bras (which I do love) were in a state no longer fit for use. The Aztec Diamond mesh sports bra is made of very light material so I was dubious of the fit of the size small I bought. I tried it on and loved it so much though that I bought three more (price wise they are great – I was able to buy more! The price of some other sports bras I looked at was very high!). These bras are so comfortable I forgot they were on me and my underarms were no longer abused. Now look I don’t know if these are going to work for you if you need something of the boulder holder variety – I can’t comment on that as I am not exactly blessed in that department and if anything will hit me in the face while riding it won’t be my chest but these for me are fantastic.

Happy underarms!

The Aztec Diamond brand and range continues to grow and I am keen to see what they launch next. I am a big fan of the products most notably the leggings for the comfort and confidence they give.

Check out the range for yourself at


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