Quick Knot – or not?

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Aidan Campion’s stunning mare Hannah K prepared using Quick Knot as well as supreme and Haas products. 

A few months back a company contacted me by email to ask if I would write about their product. I told them the same thing I would tell any company in the same position – if you want to send on a product I will happily give a full and honest review but my opinion is not for sale and I cannot guarantee a positive review. The company were happy with this and sent on a product for me to try out. In turned out the product was Quick Knot – a product I had seen videos about online and was keen to buy and try anyway. In addition to not selling my opinion I also don’t believe in giving anything a half assed trial so this product has been tested on five different horses in the last four months. The results are below.


This is the product package. It includes visual instructions on how to use it but I did wonder would it be as simple in real life as it was in the photos!


The product itself looks like some sort of industrial paper clip. These are available in brown, black and white for various coloured manes. I love sewing in plaits for a professional finish so i was keen to see if this would appear anything similar with less effort – and with less of a change of stabbing yourself with a needle. the photos speak for themselves in terms of results.


Merlot (above) is a rising four ISH. She had never been plaited before so I decided to try Quick Knot on her.I find sewing plaits on youngsters is tricky as you are trying to keep them still while wielding a needle and thread and scissors. This on the other hand was quick and painless. For a young horse it was a great experience as it literally took me seconds to secure each of these plaits and they look sewn in! To secure the Quick Knot you push it through from the far side and then fold the end up and in – very quick and very simple. Also, you can plait in the stable without worrying about dropping a needle.

This is Brogan – he has the thickest mane in the yard. I need to tackle it with the mane comb soon but he was heading to Interschools and I didn’t have time before hand. Quick Knot does come in an XL size for thick manes but I had the original and given that we were looking at black golf balls for plaits if I used bands I decided to give them a go.

I was impressed with the result as were his owners. Even better we left these in over night as he had another show the next day and they still looked great! Removing the Quick Knot is quick and easy. Much quicker and easier than unpicking sewn in plaits with a thread pick. Much less waste than plastic bands.

My own Sammy is another thick maned animal. With his big neck and crest I prefer sewn in plaits than bands on him. The Quick Knot gave an amazing result I loved how his plaits turned out and its much better looking on him than banded plaits too. These stayed in all day without a hair out of place.

In conclusion, I was dubious at first about the claims made by this product but having used it I am really impressed. I am ordering a fresh supply for the dressage and showing season as I simply can’t see myself going back to stitching plaits or using bands when i have these unless an owner requests it. Our team member at Dunbyrne Equestrian Stine Due Anderson also used these when going to a showing class and loved them as well.

The benefits for me were the speed at which I could use the product, the appearance of the plaits, how long the plaits stayed in and the fact that they were so easy to remove. I saw comments on another website about people being worried about dropping these in a stable. I stood on one or two and would personally be more worried about dropping a needle in a bed than one of these. (I usually only sew plaits outside for this reason). The product can be re used. I personally would use them twice as I found after that they get a bit too misshapen – I found this worked well and with the price point of £24.95 for a hundred pieces it gives good value for money.

You can find out more about the product or buy online at




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