Horses you will meet when it snows

Not coming in!

Bucket B**lix

Will encouragingly watch you slip, slide and groan as you lug heavy buckets of water that you have slowly and painstakingly dragged from the nearest tap or water source that isn’t frozen solid. Will wait until you arrive before promptly knocking the bucket over looking absolutely delighted

Kicky McDoor

When forced to endure being stabled for a whole day, will take great pleasure in showing you the vast range of acoustics the average hoof can create using just a stable door.

The Hibernator

Happy to hide in the darkest corner of their stable while eating their body weight daily in food. Would be quite happy to stay there and never see a human again once the food supply doesn’t run out


Literally just cannot maintain any balance or composure at the slightest dusting of snow. Mild hysteria at the sight of slush or ice. Absolute torture to try and slide to the paddock for turnout as they will do the splits about six times.

Doesn’t want to come in

While turned out for a stretch in the snow will roll, buck and canter around in delight and then decide they are not coming back in without a bribe. Usually changes their mind upon realising that every other animal has been brought in without them.

The Spectre

So ridiculously spooky that everything is now doubly terrifying as it is covered in snow. Eventually calms down as they realise that everything is terrifyingly white and fluffy  and there is no escape.


What looks worse than a yard full of half melted snow? A yard that houdini broke out into and trampled through the snow and into the mud beneath creating a carpet of destruction of slushy mucky hoof prints.

The Racehorse

Transformed from sane sensible middle aged horse to wild eyed snorting prancing lunatic at the sight of snow

The Ski Experience

Nightmare to lead out in snow as they will put their head down, set a trajectory and carry on regardless while you ski along behind them across snow and ice trying to keep hold of the end of the leadrope.

The Bronco

When turned out in the snow after being stood in for a day shows an impressive yet terrifying display of airs above the ground to the point where the rider makes a mental note to lunge the legs off them for several day before climbing on board again

The Loner

When living out with others will do so very independently with absolutely no care about where the other horses are or what they are doing. Will usually hide out in the farthest corner of the field to ensure humans have to go through the deepest patches of snow to check on them.

The Diva

Practically breaks out in pneumonia at the first whiff of cold weather. Needs about five layered rugs to be warm enough to cope with snow flakes.

The Toilet of Nightmares

The horse you dread mucking out after they have stood in for a day as their stable is carnage. The mixture of droppings, wet patches and trampled in hay that these horses can create is both fascinating and sweat inducing. The volume of droppings always seems inexplicably to be at least double the volume of what was ingested

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