Product review – Greenfields Saddle pad from TRI Equestrian


No filter! 🐴Ok, I think I have found the saddle pad version of the Penney’s Pippa OConnor dress. 😳

true story – look at this saddle pad – it’s nice and thick, it’s got a contrasting trim, it’s got binding to match and it fits well – clearance at the withers and the binding is not underneath the back of the saddle (one of my pet hates!!).

Here’s the thing – I saw this saddle pad on a friends horse and had to have it. As I was walking around the shop with it before I brought it to the till a friend bumped into me and saw it and she had to have one too! 😂 Is it a new expensive saddle pad brand? No, that’s the surprising part – it’s a Greenfields Saddle pad €23.95 from TRI Equestrian! Functional, well designed and very nice looking for about a third of what some of the brands go for – I’m very happy with this especially as Sammy can be hard to get jumping saddle pads to fit due to his big shoulders – others have slipped back or leaned on the withers or the loop for the girth straps are too far back but I’ve found the Turfmasters quilted pads don’t and neither does this 👍👌😃.

This comes in a few different colours. If the one you want is not on display try asking staff – I’d grabbed the last in this colour but they happily got my friend one from the stock room!




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