Thoughts Horse People have when watching Tiger King


  • $2000 for a tiger, That sounds… very reasonable. Are we talking about getting a good tiger for that price or more like a ‘project’ tiger that is more likely to try and kill you?
  • Look at these crazy people involved with big strong animals who can or will try to kill you. That sounds pretty familiar – its just we are dumb enough to also try to ride ours.
  • Carole Baskin. Crazy – yes. Crazier than some people I have met at horse shows – No.
  • How exactly are they training these animals to do all this because a few years in mines just about managing a circle
  • Carole needs to run an online course so I can learn how to get someone to volunteer to groom for me for free seven days a week while raving about how amazing I am
  • Joe has several husbands – I can barely get my mare not to hate me. There is a glitch in the matrix.
  • Don Lewis – The human version of Shergar
  • Joe’s hair is literally a human blanket clip
  • John – human version of that horse that just hates wearing a rug.
  • Is it just me or would Joe just blend right in at a western show?
  • Joe has a couple of shirts that would make a nice saddle pad.
  • I’d be more enthused about first aid refresher training if I got one of those bad ass EMS jackets at the end.
  • We all have a Carole Baskins in our lives – instead of “that b*tch Carole Baskins” its “that b*tch who cut me up in the warm up” or “that b*tch who said my horse was fat”


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