My Lovely Horse Rescue – facing the real and lesser known horse welfare crisis in Ireland

This week has seen a lot of debate on social media around Horse welfare in Ireland. I do not wish to publicly comment on the example in question as I do not believe in trial by social media.

However, what has struck me is the fact that so many people seem oblivious to the fact that animal abuse happens daily on our little island with many horses suffering and dying as a result of it. It is sadly not unusual, not under control and not preventable.

I recently spoke to Orla, PR manager for My Lovely Horse Rescue. This is a rescue that I know and have supported in the past. Orla kindly invited me to visit the center and meet the volunteers and animals which I look forward to doing once restrictions allow it. In the meantime, we had a chat about how the current Irish reality has affected this rescue.MLHR respond to calls for help from the public – during Winter the most common issues for equines center around animals that do not have sufficient feed, warmth and shelter.

MLHR rescue animals and follow on to rehab, adopt and rehome. They have approximately 450 animals in their care which includes around 200 equines. Like many rescues, MLHR receives just a small amount of funding from the government with the majority of their financial support coming from donations.

So, how has the current restrictions affected this?

🐴traditional social fundraising activities such as our local pub table quiz (a social outing i have always enjoyed) hasn’t been possible

🐴public collection and fund raising at competitions has not been possible

🐴 It has not been possible to take on new volunteers during this period. 🐴 less visibility of MLHR in the public eye

So – if horse welfare is close to your heart – how can we take action and help?

🐴To donate a one off or monthly amount –

🐴 To adopt or foster an animal in need –

🐴 If you would prefer to directly to contribute towards feed bills, Floods in Newbridge can facilitate this, just ask in store

🐴 If you would like to contribute to vet bills please contact MLHR who will pass on their vets contact details

🐴 Have you any equestrian items you don’t need? Rugs, headcollars, lead ropes, buckets, yard tools are all very much needed to care for animals. if you have items for donation, contact MLHR who can arrange to collect it

I have of course made my own donation to MLHR this morning. Its a small amount that hopefully goes towards helping an animal that needs it. Horses are neglected and abused daily by faceless people well outside of the public eye. It goes unseen and it continues. Maybe if everyone outraged by an example of it contributed a few euros, it would make a positive difference to some of these animals, who simply deserve better than the hand that life has dealt them


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