Product Review – Mountain Horse Alicia Coat

I buy a lot so when I say something is my new favourite thing, bear in mind its competed with a fair amount of things to get there.

After Christmas a friend and I had gone shopping and we had planned or ages to save up and head to TRI equestrian between Christmas and new year. In an effort to stop me buying random things I don’t need we had both come up with lists of what we actually needed. Top of my list was a long, warm and properly waterproof jacket for teaching in to replace an existing jacket that was no longer waterproof.

|The mountain horse Alicia coat caught my eye and to be honest at just over five feet tall I was tempted to write it off as a coat “for taller people who can pull off that sort of thing”. once I tried it on I was sold though as its incredibly warm and was like wearing a duvet. I checked the tags as I am tired of falling in love with things that are not actually waterproof – top tip, for something to be fully waterproof you are looking to see that it has listed taped seams as one of its benefits. Also check the waterproof rating – waterproof to 5000mm and to 10000mm and above are different.

This coat has a gorgeous snake print lining, I am raging that I didn’t buy the recent PS of Sweden Black Mamba as it would have been a perfect match! The lining flashes through really well on the vents on the underside of the coat when you open the poppers at the back to allow you to ride in it.

Its waterproof, its warm, its wonderfully long ( I look like a hobbit witch but I don’t care) and it has subtle reflective stitching (presumably so no one runs over a hobbit witch in the dark).

I was dubious about riding in it as its years since I’ve ridden in a long coat. This has vents at the back that can be opened by poppers, a two way zip and elasticated leg straps inside which is really important as it secures the coat to your leg so it doesn’t flap in the wind.

I started off riding my friends horse Leo in this coat as he is so tolerant of everything. I then tried it on Oisin and Sammy – Sammy hates things to suddenly touch him so I am careful about things like this but both horses were fine – I think the fact that the fabric is light and there are no heavy fixings really helps. This for me is great as it means I can transition from riding to coaching with the same coat.

My only critique of this coat is the neck which I find very high and tight especially if you want to wear something around your neck. I usually just leave the top open as I like to wear a neck snood – I wouldn’t have the most elegant neck so if you are more swanlike you may not have this issue!

My main job for this coat is for coaching and observing and its a winner. If I am coaching it keeps me warm from mid calf upwards and if I am sitting and watching anything my thighs are lovely and warm!


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