Lets go Christmas Shopping!

I love to shop. It doesn’t necessarily have to be for me which makes Christmas shopping great fun as it is guilt free spending! If you haven’t got all your Christmas shopping sorted yet don’t worry – the internet is your best friend – no traffic, no queues, no slow walkers. So grab the creditContinue reading “Lets go Christmas Shopping!”

Product Review – Eskadron Competition Numbers

As part of my recent blogging opportunity with Horseworldeu.com I was invited to pick some products to try out and review. Along with the Horseware Riding Tights, I also chose the Eskadron Competition number set. My reasoning for this was this was I felt another new innovative product.

Product Review – Horseware Riding Tights from Horseworldeu.com

I was recently chosen to be part of a group of bloggers asked to review products by Horseworld (horseworldeu.com). As part of the group I was asked to choose products from the website to use and review. We were given a huge range of choices but I wanted to make sure I reviewed something thatContinue reading “Product Review – Horseware Riding Tights from Horseworldeu.com”