Lets go Christmas Shopping!

I love to shop. It doesn’t necessarily have to be for me which makes Christmas shopping great fun as it is guilt free spending! If you haven’t got all your Christmas shopping sorted yet don’t worry – the internet is your best friend – no traffic, no queues, no slow walkers. So grab the credit card and follow me down the rabbit hole

Best for Saddlecloths. 

I have bought a few saddle pads this year and find that it is hard to get good quality pads that look well, are thick enough, fit the saddle and give good wither clearance. My top pics are the Horse Caesar dressage saddle pad which has a gorgeous bling trim (which has survived several trips to the washing machine) and the Decathlon gp/jumping grippy saddle pads. Both have been tried and tested and I would highly recommend them.

decathlon pad
Decathlon grippy GP/Jumping saddle pad. 


Horze Caesar Dressage saddle pad. Also available in GP


Best for Affordable Custom Bling

If like me you trawl the Equiture website drooling over their fabulous customised crystal browbands you will be familiar with the level of attention to detail and choice the brand allow. What you might not have realised is that the company do custom stock pins with matching earrings available that are a serious bargain!

I bought my stock pin from the company a while back it is silver with grey and clear crystals which matches my hat and jacket perfectly.  I love it as its really unique. I ordered another as a gift for a friend during the summer and she loved hers too. The product was a bargain and delivery was fast, highly recommended.

This company do a selection of customised products from browbands to matching fly veils. My only issue is trying to design or pick from the incredible selection available.

Equiture Custom 5 stone stock pin

Custom stock pin

Best for grooming enthusiasts

I wrote about Haas brushes last May (see here – https://equestrianreality.com/2016/05/19/are-haas-a-must-have/) and every since then I get asked regularly – are they worth it? My answer is always, yes, every cent. These brushes do an incredible job or lifting and removing layers of scruff, stains and dry skin from coats even those you already thought you had gleaming!

My top picks for buying Haas brushes:

in the UK – contact https://eqclusive.com/collections/haas

In Ireland  the best deal I have found is from Whites Agri (who will give you 10% off if you are an AIRC member too!).

Both companies have sets created for specific horse colours to get the best grooming experience.



Best for Hat Silks and XC colours

I am in love with this company their XC sets are fantastic with a huge variety of designs and colours to choose from. I am promising myself  a black hat silk with a furry pom pom and unicorn decal for next years eventing season!




Best for kids:

Carrolls Equestrian has a huge range of Unicorn themed products in stock which look fab for younger kids.


Unicorn Saddle Pad €40, Carrolls

The other trend that the kids on our yard are going crazy for is the Rainbow range available from Holmestead saddlery – from saddler pads to headcollars Rainbows seem to be big at the moment!


Rainbow Headcollar, Holmestead saddlery

Best for Music Fans

A friend showed me this bundle last week and I want it! I love playing music when I ride but it kills the battery on my iphone. I also loved riding freesytle dressage last year and am keen to do so again but the logistics of managing the music were e pain from battery drainage to having to keep taking my phone in and out of my pocket. This bundle looks ideal for riding to music and the wrist band is a great accessible idea.





Best for matchy matchy 

Wether you want to worship at the matching alter of Le Mieux, to create your custom bling stock pin, browband and fly veil or to match your saddle pad to your polo wraps, the websites below will feed your addiction – warning, may induce credit card spending!!





Equestrian Stockholm Set, Feather Dressage

Best for reins, innovative tack and showjumping

Mitchell Moor offer high quality innovative brands incorporating a range of products from bridles to saddle pads. The company bring exclusive brands to the market and always showcasing the latest in showjumping trends. I have the Caveletti flash bridle which I love – the finish is luxurious but the bridle is extremely light and is shaped to contour the horses head for comfort. The flash strap and it’s keeper are removable leaving you the option of switching to a cavesson noseband without the unsightly empty flash keeper remaining

Cavaletti Flash Bridle, Mitchell Moor


Best for Breeches / Riding Leggings

I reviewed Aztec Diamond a while back and would recommend the brand for riding leggings as their product is very well designed, durable and very comfortable.


Equizone are great for stylish fitted breeches in a variety of brands such as Cavallino Marino


Decathlon Kipwarm breeches are the staple I live in in Winter. I have recommended these so many times to friends who are now raving about them. Water proof, fleece lined and comfortable these are the ultimate winter breech – the price is very competitive too!



Decathlon Kipwarm

Best for those who hate the cold

I hate the cold. I own three ski jackets – I don’t ski these are purely to keep me warm in Winter! The Decathlon First Heat jacket is my bargain of the year. This ski jacket is warm, it washes well, it keeps you dry and best of all it is light enough to wear riding. To be honest at under £20 the price is insane.

first heat
Decathlon First Heat Ski Jacket 


Best for cards / equestrian art

Leonie Sutton is an Irish animal portrait artist. Her drawings are beautiful and many are featured in her cards which can be purchased in packs from her website. I had loads of these and almost always felt bad using them as they are so lovely! Leonie also does portraits to order, vouchers are available for Christmas


Prince of Thieves by Leonie Sutton, available as part of her gift card selection

Nadina Ironia is an artist who not only produces customised paintings, but also beautiful stable name plates which to be honest are so detailed you would be mad to put near a stable door! I had Nadina create a name plate for me years ago of my mare Siog who had passed away and the likeness is uncanny!


My custom painted nameplate by artist Nadina Ironia. 


Best for fast delivery in Ireland

Horseworldeu are an Irish website stocking brands such as Pikeur and Kingsland. I reviewed some products from the site as part of their blogger programme earlier in the year. What i love about this website is everythign is in stock – such a simple thing but when you are shopping at Christmas you want to know that what you need is available. The delivery speed is also really appealling.

I love the riding tights I reviewed at https://equestrianreality.com/tag/horseware-riding-tights-review/

The website also has a new loyalty program where you can earn points from purchases.


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