The Reality of Not Having An Indoor Arena in Winter

The big lady drying off after last weeks monsoon Thursday weather
The big lady drying off after last weeks monsoon Thursday weather

Knowing the difference between water resistant and water proof clothing and accessories.

Knowing the difference between sort of waterproof and really waterproof as in can withstand hours in the lashing rain waterproof.

Resorting to riding horses in gardening gloves or marigolds – now that’s a proper waterproof glove.

Honestly not giving a damn how stupid you look once you are warm and dry.

Dreading when your hat gives up in the rain and a trickle of water runs slowly down your face or down the back of your neck. #shudder

Having to wear factor 50 on your face for the wind burn.

Holding on tight in windy weather after clipping out a sharp horse.

Stockpiling dry shampoo in boots because there is no point washing your hair if it is going to end up wet and dishevelled at the bottom and sweaty at the top.

Riding horses in the rain on humid days and having to choose between getting soaked or sweating inside a rain coat.

Wind inspired accidental lateral dressage moves.

Mocking anyone daft enough to wear fur lined tendon boots in the outdoor arena.

Wearing wellies and realising that they leave your feet fecking freezing in cold weather.

Raiding Aldi, Penneys and Lidl for cheap ski socks.

That horrible feeling when your hands get covered in wet cold sand.

Bringing a spare set of everything including underwear to the yard every day.

Having a pile of wet and / or dirty horse and human clothing waiting for the washing machine after a busy day.

The aroma of wet horse that clings to used sweat sheets, saddle cloths and rugs and then to the inside of your jeep and your house and lingers for days.

Using febreeze on pretty much everything.

Shoving wet backprotectors and hats under radiators or into the hot press to dry.

Hating that awful feeling of having to put a still a bit wet hat back on your head the next day because you forgot to do the above!

Appreciating how awesome a hot shower, a hot fire and a hot whiskey are after a day out in the elements.

Knowing the agony of dropping a pole on your toes in freezing weather.

Feeling the love for anyone who brings you a hot mug of tea when you are teaching in the cold and / or wet.

Having a sweat sheet for every horse in preparation for monsoon weather days.

Gaining an understanding of why some people just leave their horses off for the winter.

Having distain for ‘fair weather riders’ but also a bit of admiration because sometimes being sat on a warm couch beats being sat on a wet saddle.

Trying to convince yourself that going out in all weathers ‘builds character’ and will somehow give you an advantage in competition against people who are warm and dry indoors.

Trying to keep your ass on a sharp horse when riding past a hedge in the wind when twigs and leaves are flying everywhere and whatever is on the other side of the hedge has decided to come and say hello.

Having to scrape mud off horse and human boots after riding in a field before you can even begin to wash them.

Ending up with more mud, sand and little stones on your car floor than there is in a small field.

Wanting to smack anyone who brags about having an indoor.


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One thought on “The Reality of Not Having An Indoor Arena in Winter

  1. And soaking wet tack that needs to dry carefully or it will never look the same again.

    I love my Sealskinz gloves: completely waterproof in leather or wool.

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