A wrote a post for the Grassroots gazette this week. It centered around the fact that in my opinion we have way too many melancholic posts doing the rounds on social media about being “done” and about being tired of pretending to enjoy competing.

My issue was the insinuation that professional riders resent these amateurs (they dont?!) and that most of us on social media are pretending to be happy. If your done, be done and go and find what makes you happy instead. leave the rest of us alone to enjoy our sport.

  • Im never done
  • I compete against myself, any win is a bonus
  • Everyone is responsible for their own happines, figure out and do what sets your soul on fire.
  • Those of us over 25 and not at the olympics wont be sitting quietly to die in a corner – many of us are just getting started
  • I never pretend to be happy – the whole ethos of my website has always been finding humour in the often harsh reality of equestrianism

You can read the full article here – https://thegrassrootsgazette.ie/i-am-not-done/?fbclid=IwAR02Qh0BNHr2H3mxF3PRMQYSrxtTGK3MDyf1Fkb0Whc3NyY9-tO9VrAbpZY

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