“So, How Did You Get On?”

Shows in general:

“He / She was BRILLIANT” = I was sadly not that brilliant and we did not place hence the lack of any other details

 “Just a few problems” =  It didn’t go well and I don’t want to go into details. In fact I want to go home and eat my own weight in chocolate and hug my duvet.

Show Jumping:

 “I was eliminated” / “I fell off” = Hug me I have spent all my money on an animal that wants to kill me

 “The time was very tight” = I went too slowly

 “The time was very generous” = I was going fast

 “It was a horrible filler / dog leg / turn” = I had faults at that filler / dog leg / turn

 “The stride was wrong” = I didn’t make the stride

 “It was a tough course” = I was bricking it

 “We got over them all anyway” = It took a few tries to get over them and I was possibly eliminated a few times over but I won the battle in the end, I think.

“I had a few down” = I stopped counting after three

“S/he was a bit strong” = My arms are five inches longer in length than they were earlier and I need a drink


 “Just outside the placings” = I didn’t get placed and am struggling with disappointment

 “The judge didn’t seem to like me” = She may have been afraid I was going to land in the car beside her.

 “It was a very complicated test” = I forgot where I was going at least twice

 “My Halt wasn’t great” = It was more like a meandering sideways escape from the arena

“She was a bit spooky” = I spent half the test outside the arena on three tracks

“She warmed up great” = and then went in to have a complete party in the competition arena


 “The horse didn’t like the judge” = The horse went badly for the judge

 “The judge gave him / her a great ride” = horse moved up the line after the judge rode it

 “S/he went grand for me” = horse moved down the line after the judge rode it

 “There was some lovely horses in the class” = and they beat me



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