The Reality of Being Short Sighted Equestrian

Having no idea which horse is yours without wearing glasses or contact lenses, you just know what colour blur it should be.

Experiencing the unique pain of a horses head bashing your glasses into your face.

Knowing that the frame of your glasses will never be perfectly straight once you leave the opticians.

Trying to obey the school rules in a busy arena while wearing glasses and struggling with having zero peripheral vision.

Wishing your glasses had wipers in the rain.

Having to choose between rain and mud splattered glasses and mud and water versus your contact lenses when going out hunting or cross country

Wanting to scratch your own eyes out when the dust from shavings gets in behind and around your contact lenses.

Clipping a horse wearing contact lenses and ending up with more hair in your eye than on the floor.

Doing both of the above and remembering why protective goggles were invented

Wearing contacts in the heat or when you have bad hayfever and blinking like a lunatic to try and fix dry eyes.

Being tempted to remove all corrective eye wear when jumping big fences because they are far less big and scary when you cant see them in focus.

Walking into the hitch of the trailer and the arms of the wheelbarrow and tripping over every stray bucket and grooming kit after being stupid enough to venture into the yard with just your natural eyesight.

Considering lazer eye surgery but being put off by the price (I could buy two saddles or a horse with that money!) and the prospect of not being able to ride for a few weeks.

Waking up, looking out the window and being entirely unsure if your horse is in the field or if that blur is just a tree.

Calling the vet as soon as your horse has a scratch or seems out of sorts but refusing to go to an optician until the point where you are pretty much blind with your current prescription.

As a result of the above having to squint constantly to see dressage letters and fence numbers in focus.

Owning way too many bottle of eye drops.

Having to ride with one eye closed when you lose a contact lense while on board.

Keeping a spare stash of lenses, glasses and solution in your bag and car.

Praying that you don’t fall off into a water fence.

Appreciating the benefits of daily contact lenses – it is pretty impossible to find a monthly or yearly lenses in a stable bed or arena!


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