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14 Things Your Riding Instructor Wants You To Know


1)We don’t know if your stirrups are even either.

Now look if they are totally wonky with more than a hole in the difference of course we know but if you are doing the ‘are my stirrups even’ bum shuffle while listing your saddle from side to side like a drunk on a boat then no, we don’t know if stirrup A is 0.25cm shorter or longer than stirrup B! Plus if you have insisted on turning in eleventy million times in one session to ponder this great life mystery, at that point we don’t care.

I have a fool proof cure for the stirrup conundrum that hasn’t failed me yet. Turn in and halt. Ensure saddle sits correctly and centred on the horse (get off and fix if it isn’t). Remove feet from stirrups. Bring each knee up as high as you can and then your legs out as far as you can and repeat. Now that you are sat in the middle of the saddle, without wiggling or shuffling just put your feet into the stirrups and you will know which is longer. Fix that one and away you go. Your welcome.

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Psychological Reality of a Showjumping Lesson


Oh no, poles, not the poles!


Relax for god’s sake, they are poles what’s the worst that can happen?


Kill me now, I can’t even get over  pole with a bit of grace and elegance.


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Common Varieties of Riding School Pony

'My Little Pony'

‘My Little Pony’

‘My Little Pony’


Small, cute fluffy and basically a real life ‘My Little Pony’. Has tiny hooves and ears. Looks like butter wouldn’t melt and could get away with murder for looking so damn cute.


‘I’ve Totally Got This’


Very confident pony who is happiest when the rider holds the mane and leaves them alone to get on with the job. When jumping a few fences, usually knows the course themselves by the third go. Does not believe in needing to be going at a steady pace or in a straight line to be able to jump a fence correctly. Loves to show off to an audience.


‘The Old Timer’


Was ‘18’ for many years and referred to as ‘aged’ for the past decade as no one is quite sure of exact age anymore. No one yard can remember the pony not being there.

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